How to drain the bathtub in the hotel?

There is a swivel at the bottom of the bathtub, which is usually a small black round mouth. This is the drain switch of the bathtub. When you use it, you can twist or rotate it, and then it can drain the water in the bathtub from here. Normally, the drain switch of the bathtub will be at its bottom or side.

the bathtub

How to use the double bathtub in the hotel?

First of all, you need to rinse the bathtub. After all, it is a public product. You can buy several bottles of 84 disinfectant and wash it thoroughly with heated water.

Then plug the drain plug, turn on the hot and cold water faucets to drain water, and adjust the water temperature while putting water. Two thirds of the water is enough. Just lie down and take a bath in the bathtub.

The bathtub depth must be controlled, preferably below 42cm. The bathtub with water level higher than the heart will cause danger.

How to switch the shower head in the hotel bathtub?

Use the water distributor on the faucet to adjust it. If it is a lifting water distributor, pull or push it. If it is a fast opening water distributor, adjust it. The one on the faucet that connects with the shower pipe is called the water distributor.

If the general dual-purpose switch is only a handle, it has two modes of movement: rotating and pressing. Try to pull up the rotation to control what, and press down to control what. It is also possible to control one by turning to the other side. Generally, the switch will have signs, such as the sign of the sprinkler and the sign of the faucet. Just adjust it to the corresponding position.

Nowadays, high-end sprinklers are generally designed with the above water outlet methods, which can be adjusted simply according to their own needs. The adjustment method is very simple. Press the small handle on the sprinkler or directly turn the sprinkler head to switch the water outlet.

Correct use of bathtub

Plug the water outlet on the bathtub.

Pour water into the bathtub, and pay attention to the proper temperature and quantity of water.

Get into the bathtub after undressing.

Rub all parts of the body with your hands until the stain is cleaned.

After taking a bath, drain the dirty water, and then add a proper amount of water to wash the bathtub.

Finally, put on the towel and leave the bathroom.

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