How to Create Curly Brackets on an AZERTY Keyboard (Mac)

If you are used to a QWERTY keyboard and have now switched to an AZERTY keyboard, you might have difficulty finding the keys for curly brackets ({ }) for a simple reason: They aren't there. All is not lost, though, because you can still create curly brackets using an AZERTY keyboard.

Using the Character Viewer

Go to System Preferences.

You can search for it in Spotlight or go through the Apple logo in the top left corner, then select System Preferences.

Go to Keyboard.

Check Show Keyboard & Character Viewer in menu bar.

  • A little box should now appear in the menu bar at the top right.WH.shared.addScrollLoadItem(‘4d1c548d7f7a536c45f8b189aaf33a68’)

Click the box, and select Show Character Viewer.

In the Character Viewer you can select numerous characters.

  • Select Parentheses on the left side, and you will be able to access the curly brackets.

Using a Key Combination

Combine the Alt⌥ key with the normal parentheses ().

Hit the keys at the same time and you will get a curly bracket.

  • Select to make “{“.
  • Select to make “}”.
  • And that’s all there is to it!Enjoy knowing your way a bit more across an AZERTY keyboard.


  • Search “curly brackets” online, then copy/paste the characters.


  • This is for AZERTY keyboards using Mac. This guide isn’t guaranteed to work on different operating systems.

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