How to Create a Folder Named Con

For Windows users, some phrases are reserved as "System Action" or "Device" references, which means that users cannot put them into file names. However, there are ways to get around this obstacle. Just follow the steps below to make a folder named "Con" (which is one of these blocked terms).


First off, use the numbers on the number pad, not the ones at the top of the keyboard.

Create a new folder.

Name it “Con” but don’t press enter yet. Hold down Alt and type 255 and Alt+0160 on the number pad, then press enter.

For Laptop Users

Press the fn key and press the letter keys k-i-i to make use of the number pad.

For Desktop Computers

Go to command prompt in your computer and type md\.

\c:\con [Note: you can give whatever path you want in place of c:] Tada! The folder has been created. Remember, you must use the command prompt to delete it as well, by typing rd\.\c:con.


  • This also enables to create the following folders also (which also cannot be created normally):AUX
    A: – Z:
    COM1 – COM9
    LPT1 – LPT9


  • Be careful if you’re working on a laptop keyboard; there is a higher chance that you will make a mistake
  • Make sure that you are using number lock.

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