How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP4

If you want to download a video for later viewing, even online, your best option is to download the movie as an MP4. These files can be viewed on almost all video programs, like Quicktime or Windows Media Player, and you can even put the video on your phone or tablet. Converting YouTube Videos is easy, and simply requires you to use a program or website specializing in the conversions.

Go to the video you want on

Find the movie that you want to download and convert.

You can do this in the mobile YouTube app or at

Copy the video’s URL.

The steps to copy the URL are different depending on your device.

If you’re using a web browser, right-click the URL in the address bar and select . If you’re using the mobile app, tap the icon below the video and choose .

Search Google for a free converter website.

Choose one of the many conversion sites.

Search for “convert YouTube to MP4” and you’ll find a lot of free sites willing to help out. Some of the most reputable options include OnlineVideoConverter, ClipConverter, YouTubeInMP4, and YtdDownloader. You can use whatever site you want, but stay away from sites that have the following hallmarks of scams:

  • Demanding personal information. Most sites will require nothing but the YouTube URL.
  • Numerous pop-ups.
  • Payment requests. The sites should be free.
  • Forced download of programs or converters. While there are programs you can download to get YouTube videos, sites without downloads are much safer.

Paste the URL and choose “MP4.”

Once you find a converter, add the video’s URL and set the conversion method to MP4.

Depending on the site, the method may already be set to MP4.

  • Most sites let you input the artists, the name of the video, and any other information you might want to help sort the file when you download it. Change it to your liking, then edit the video quality to fit your desire.
  • The higher the video quality, the bigger the resulting MP4 file.

Convert the video.

Hit Start or Convert.

Make sure the button you are pressing is part of the site and not a pop up. To be sure of this, make sure it looks exactly like the other buttons on the site, and hover over it with your mouse: you should see the website you’re using appear as a URL in the bottom of your screen.

  • Some sites require you to click another link after start labeled “Download File.” Again, make sure you’re downloading from the site, not a pop-up.
  • Now that you have the video, it can be viewed whether you are online or not. You can also use iTunes or another media library program to put the MP4 on your phone or mobile device.


  • If you download YouTube in MP4 regularly, you can turn on “One-click” download mode with the necessary settings and download YouTube in 1 click.


  • Downloading copyrighted material is illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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