How to Contact Redbox

Redbox’s automated kiosks are quick and easy to use when you’re looking for something new to watch. However, that also means you can’t walk up to one and get immediate help when something goes wrong. Fortunately, Redbox’s customer service department is available a couple of different ways, including over the phone and through an online chat on Redbox’s website. You could also try contacting Redbox through its social media accounts if all else fails. Get in touch with Redbox to resolve any questions or complaints so you can enjoy your movie-viewing experience in peace.

Calling Redbox

Dial 1-866-723-2693 to reach Redbox’s customer service department.

The number can also be remembered as 1-866-REDBOX3. This is the direct line to customer service, so it’s useful for getting in touch with a representative right away. You can use it for questions about things like your account, payments, or troubleshooting rentals.

  • The number is listed on Redbox’s website. Scroll to the bottom of the “Contact Us” page and click the “Call Us” button, which can be found at

Place calls between 6 to 12 AM Central Time.

The customer service departments is only available during those hours. On the plus side, they are open 7 days a week. Even if you’re busy on weekdays, you can get ahold of someone on the weekend as long as you’re calling within their regular business hours.

  • U.S. Central Time is 6 hours behind Universal Time. For comparison, Redbox’s calling hours correspond to 12 PM to 6 AM UTC.

Gather your account number and other relevant information.

Depending on your reason for calling, there is a good chance the customer service representative will ask for some of this information. Gather it before beginning the call. Make sure you get anything related to the reason for the call. If you have it accessible, the call will go much more smoothly.

  • For example, have your payment information and receipt available if you’re calling about a rental or purchase.

Tell the representative your reason for calling when they ask.

Expect them to ask for your name and a brief description of your reason for calling. After that, they will request additional information, such as your account number or payment information, if it is relevant. Try to be as clear and descriptive as possible so the representative can help you right away.

  • For example, you could say, “The movie I rented didn’t work and I’d like a refund.”

Starting a Chat Session

Visit the Contact Us page on Redbox’s website.

When you’re on Redbox’s website, the “Contact Us” option is listed at the very bottom of the page. Clicking it takes you to the Help Center, containing a bunch of commonly-asked questions. You could also go directly to

  • The contact page has all the information you need for getting in touch with customer service, including Redbox’s phone number and availability hours.

Select the chat option to get in touch with customer service.

At the bottom of the “Contact Us” page, look for contact options. Click the “Chat with us” button there. Alternatively, access the contact form by going to

  • Redbox’s customer service is open from 6 to 12 AM U.S. Central Time. That includes the chat feature, so you won’t have any luck connecting to a representative outside of those hours.

Fill out the chat request form with your contact information.

The form has several boxes for you to fill out before talking to a customer service representative. First, select your reason for the chat from the drop-down menu at the top of the form. Type in your name and email address in the following boxes. Make sure you’re using the same email address that is on your Redbox account, if you have one.

  • The email address matters in case Redbox needs to get in touch with you later. Be sure to check your email if additional support is necessary.

Type in your reason for contacting support and other relevant information.

The middle of the form has room for you to put in some additional but optional information. This includes your payment information and the title you rented. If you don’t have an answer for it, you don’t have to include it. However, use the final box on the form to include a brief description of the issue or question you have.

  • Include anything that is relevant to your question or complaint. Customer service will need your payment information if you’re calling about a payment issue, for instance.
  • For the description, type something brief but clear. For example, “Redbox double-charged me for a movie I rented” lets support know what you need help with.

Click the “Get Connected” button to begin the chat.

The button is located at the bottom of the form. Once you click it, you will begin a live chat with a customer service representative, so make sure you’re ready for it. Wait for customer service to respond, then continue answering any other questions they have.

  • Depending on how many people are trying to reach the customer service department this way, you may have to wait a little bit for someone to respond. It usually doesn’t take long, though.

Messaging Redbox on Social Media

Send Redbox a message through Facebook to get assistance.

Redbox does offer customer service through social media. One way to do this is by going to Redbox’s official page. Click the “send message” button underneath the big cover photo at the top of the page, then come up with a brief description of what you need help with. Redbox’s official page is located at

  • Before sending a message, make sure you’re dealing with the official page. It has a blue checkmark by the name. If that verification tag isn’t there, the page isn’t legitimate.
  • Another way to get in touch through the Facebook page is by responding to Redbox’s most recent post. The person managing the account may see it and respond. Your comment could get overlooked, though, so sending a direct message is more efficient.

Contact Redbox on Twitter if you have an account there.

Send a direct message to Redbox by clicking the “messages” button on the home screen. Then, type Redbox in as the recipient. When you see the Redbox account with a blue checkmark next to it, click on it and type a quick description of the question or problem you have. The official account is at

  • Make sure you’re messaging the verified Redbox account. If it doesn’t have the verification flair next to the name, it isn’t official. Don’t send personal information unless you’re certain.
  • You could also tweet to Redbox or respond to one of their posts. You might get a response that way, but it isn’t as likely as through direct contact or Facebook.

Send a message on Instagram if you need an alternative contact method.

Redbox also has an Instagram account, but you can’t reach it through a direct message. Your only option is to comment on the account’s latest post and wait for a response. There is a good chance that your comment won’t be seen this way, so use it only as a last resort. The official page is at

  • If you’re uncertain which account is official, go to Redbox’s website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a list of social media links you can click on to reach the official accounts.


  • Note that Redbox doesn’t have an official customer service email listed on its website. For safety, ignore any Redbox email addresses you see online in case they are fake.
  • Redbox has a phone app, so you may be able to find customer service information through there. The app isn’t meant to be used for customer service, though, so call or access the chat.
  • Before contacting Redbox, check the common questions and answers on their website. You may be able to get an answer to your question or complaint without having to get in touch with customer service.


  • Verify that you’re speaking with an official Redbox representative. Avoid unofficial accounts or phone numbers that could be used to steal your personal information.

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