How to Connect Wireless Headphones on iPhone or iPad

This minHour teaches you how to pair wireless headphones with an iPhone or iPad, using Bluetooth.


Open your iPhone or iPad’s Settings app.

Find and tap the icon on your home screen, and tap it to open your settings.

Tap Bluetooth on the settings menu.

This will open your Bluetooth settings menu.

Slide the Bluetooth switch to

When this option is turned on, you can use a Bluetooth connection to discover and pair wireless devices with your iPhone or iPad.

Make sure your wireless headphones are turned on.

Your headphones should be in Discovery or Pairing mode. This will allow you to discover the wireless headphones on your iPhone or iPad’s Bluetooth menu.

  • Usually, you can find a button or a switch on your headphones to turn them on. If you’re not sure how to do it, you can follow the instructions on the manual.

Select your headphones on the Bluetooth menu.

Tapping will pair your headphones with your iPhone or iPad.

  • If you’ve never paired your headphones with your iPhone or iPad before, it will show up below the OTHER DEVICES heading here. Otherwise, you can find them on the MY DEVICES list.


  • If you’re prompted to enter a security code when you’re pairing the headphones, you should be able to find the code on the headphones’ manual.

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