How to Connect Pixel Buds to Your Devices

Are you trying to pair your Pixel Buds to your devices? Luckily, you can connect easily to Android 6.0+ and Pixel phones with their Fast Pairing feature, and can use Bluetooth to pair with other devices like Mac and Windows computers or iPhones. This minhour article teaches you how to pair your Pixel Buds with multiple devices.

Pairing with Android 6.0+ and Pixel Phones

Put the Pixel Buds in their charging case.

If they are in your ears, you’ll want to put them back in the case so they will automatically pair with your Android 6.0+ or Pixel phone.

  • Make sure Bluetooth on your phone is on. You can check this setting by tapping the icon from the Quick Panel.

Open the case and place it next to your phone.

Since your phone and Pixel Buds won’t pair if they are far away from each other or there is interference, make sure they are close together.

Press and hold the button on the charging case until you see the light pulsing white.

This puts your Pixel Buds in Pairing Mode.

  • If the light blinks white and orange, close the case lid and open it again before trying again.

Tap the notification on your phone then follow the on-screen instructions.

If you didn’t see the pop-up, make sure you’re letting your Pixel Buds get a charge before you try to pair them. On your phone, enable Location ( or ). Then pair with your Pixel Buds using Bluetooth.

  • If you’re using an Android that’s running a version lower than 10, you’ll need to follow the prompts to download the Pixel Buds app. That will be how you can update the firmware on your buds. If you’re using 10.0+ or a Pixel, these firmware updates will be downloaded automatically to your phone.
  • The Pixel Buds app offers you extra features, like enabling Bass Boost or Adaptive Sound.

Pairing with Other Bluetooth Devices

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your computer or iPhone.

If this is off, the Pixel Buds will not pair.

Put your Buds in Pairing Mode.

Put them inside the case with the lid open, then press and hold the button on the back of the case until the light blinks white.

Access your device’s Bluetooth settings and select your earbuds from the list.

For example, if you’re trying to pair your buds with a Mac, go to your Mac’s System Preferences and click . Finally, click next to the name of your Pixel Buds.

  • If you’re pairing to a Windows computer, go Settings > Devices > Bluetooth > Add Bluetooth or other device > Bluetooth and select your Buds.


Check for interference.

Other Bluetooth or wireless devices may be preventing your Buds from pairing with your device. Try relocating to an area that doesn’t have other Bluetooth or wireless devices and pair your Buds again.

Restart Bluetooth.

Sometimes, Bluetooth can glitch and cause issues like not showing your Pixel Buds in your Bluetooth list. On your phone or watch, turn off Bluetooth, wait a minute, then turn it back on. After the connection restarts, try pairing your Buds again.

Restart your device.

Computerized devices like tablets, phones, laptops, TVs, and watches, need to restart every once in a while to wipe their current memory, which may fix some common connection issues. After you turn your device off and on again, try pairing your Buds again.

Refresh your Bluetooth connection.

To do this, unpair or forget your Pixel Buds from your phone if they have been previously paired (if not, skip this step).

  • Pair them again once you have forgotten/deleted the previous pairing.

Connect to another device.

To rule out if your computer or phone’s Bluetooth connection is the issue, pair your Buds to another device. If they pair easily, you’ll know that your computer or phone has a bad Bluetooth connection. In the case that your Buds do not pair, you can safely assume the Bluetooth on your Buds isn’t working properly.

Make sure your Pixel Buds have a charge.

Put both earbuds into the case and wait for the light to shine solid white, which means they have a good battery. If the light is orange, they need to be charged more until they can pair with another device.

  • If one of your earbuds stops working, there are a few things you can do. First, uninstall your Google app (the app logo looks like a “G”), then go to the Play Store and update the app you just uninstalled. Next, delete or forget the pairing connection from your phone to your Pixel Buds.
  • Finally, put the Buds back in their case with the lid open and reset them (press and hold the button on the back of the case for about 30 seconds, and the light on the case should be blinking white and orange, then pulse white). After the Buds reset, pair them with your phone again.

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