How to Connect a Smart TV to the Internet

This minHour teaches you how to set up your smart TV to connect to the internet. You can usually connect to router wirelessly on Wi-Fi, or use an Ethernet cable to set up a wired connection.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Open your smart TV’s menu.

Hit the Menu button on your TV remote to view your menu options on your TV screen.

Go to Network Settings.

This option will allow you to select a connection type, and set up a new connection to the internet.

  • On some TVs, you may need to first open Settings from the menu, and then look for Network Settings here.
  • Depending on your TVs make and model, this option may also have a different name like Wireless Settings or Internet Connection.

Set up a new wireless connection.

Find and select the option to set up a new wireless network connection on your TV screen. This should open a list of all the Wi-Fi networks around you.

Select your Wi-Fi network’s name.

Use your TV remote to select the Wi-Fi you want to connect. You’ll be prompted to enter your wireless password.

Enter your Wi-Fi password.

You will have to use your TV remote to type your wireless password. Once your password is confirmed, your TV will automatically connect to the internet.

Using a Wired Connection

Find the Ethernet port on the back of your TV.

You can use an Ethernet cable to connect your TV to your router.

Connect an Ethernet cable from your router to your TV.

Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into your router, and the other one into the port on the back of your smart TV.

Go to your smart TV’s Network Settings menu.

Open your smart TV’s menu from your remote, and navigate to your network settings.

  • This option may also have a different name like Wireless Settings or Internet Connection.

Select the option to enable wired internet connection.

Once this option is enabled and your TV is connected to your router, you should immediately connect to the internet.

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