How to Clean Fingerprints and Dust from Your QLED Samsung TV

If you can't watch your favorite shows without squinting through a layer of dust and fingerprints, it might be time to give your flatscreen TV a wipe-down. Cleaning your Samsung QLED screen every now and then is a good idea, but it’s important to use the right materials and techniques so you don’t damage your TV. We’ve answered some of your questions about cleaning off a Samsung QLED screen to get your TV looking brand new again.

What can you use to clean a Samsung QLED screen?

Use a microfiber cloth to prevent scratches.

If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, an eyeglass cleaning cloth works, too. Make sure it’s clean and doesn’t have any dust on it before you start wiping down your TV.

  • Try wiping the screen with a clean, dry microfiber cloth that’s made specifically for cleaning glass. That will usually get rid of most of the fingerprints and dust.

Scrub with distilled water for a gentle clean.

Most TVs don’t need harsh chemicals to get really clean. In general, you can spritz a bit of distilled water on your cloth to wipe down your screen and remove dust and lint.

Can I use Windex on my Samsung QLED TV screen?

No, Windex is a little too harsh for TV screens.

It’s fine to clean an older model TV with Windex, but LED screens are a little more sensitive. Stick to using water or a screen cleaner specifically made for LED TV screens to avoid damage from the ammonia in the Windex.

  • You should also stay away from harsh cleaners like Clorox wipes, baby wipes, and paper towels, as they can damage your screen.

How do I get dust off my Samsung QLED TV screen?

Unplug your TV.

TVs get warm, which can make the cleaning process more difficult. Before you start, reach down and unplug your TV, then let it cool down for 2 to 3 minutes.

Wipe down the screen with a microfiber cloth.

Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to wipe down the screen using small circular motions. Be gentle, and don’t press too hard on the screen. Focus on removing all the dust and the lint with this initial pass, and don’t worry if you still see a few marks left over.

Spray water onto the cloth, then wipe down the screen again.

Don’t spray the TV screen directly; instead, spritz a bit of water onto your cloth so it’s damp. Wipe down your screen again, moving gently in circular motions so you don’t damage the LEDs. Work your way across the entire screen to get rid of any marks and smudges.

How do you clean a Samsung QLED TV screen without streaks?

Dry the screen off with a clean cloth.

If you used a damp cloth, it’s important to wipe any water off. Go over the screen one more time with a new cloth, pressing gently to absorb any water.

Let the screen air dry completely before you plug it back in.

Turning on the TV while it’s still wet can cause the water to dry on the screen. Instead, leave the TV to air dry for about 15 minutes before you use it again.

How do you clean fingerprints off of a Samsung QLED TV screen?

Use a mixture of diluted dish soap and water.

If you encounter tough spots that are hard to wipe down, fill a bowl with water and add a few drops of dish soap. Mix the two together and dip your rag in it to get it slightly damp.

Wipe down the fingerprints with the cloth.

Even if you’re working hard to remove smudges, go gently and try not to press super hard. Go in small, circular motions over the fingerprints to get them off your screen.

How do you clean the back of Samsung QLED TV?

Use a vacuum to remove dust.

Plug in your vacuum and attach a long nozzle to the hose. Turn it on and use the vacuum to get rid of dust and hair on the back and the sides of your TV. Go slowly and carefully, and try not to jostle your TV too much if you can help it.

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