How to Call London from Canada

There are many different ways to place a call to London from anywhere in Canada. You can use your own cellphone or landline with just a few pieces of information: Canada’s exit code (011), the United Kingdom’s country code (44), and London’s area code, if you’re calling a landline (20). You can also use different apps on your phone or purchase an international calling card to place your call.

Calling London from a Landline or Cellphone

Check the local time in London before placing your call.

Do a quick search online to make sure you won’t be placing your call to London too early or too late. London operates on British Summer Time (BST) from late March until late October, and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from late October to late March.

  • Simply type “what time is it in London” into the search bar on an Internet browser on your computer or smartphone.

Dial Canada’s exit code, “011.”

This code tells your phone provider that you are placing an international call, and if you don’t dial it, they won’t know to direct your call out of the country.

  • The start of your call to London will look like: 011-xx-xx-xxxx-xxxx.

Input the United Kingdom’s country code, “44.”

This code directs your call to the United Kingdom. Some countries do have multiple country codes, but for the purpose of calling London within the UK, you only need to know the code “44.”

  • At this point, your call will look like this: 011-44-xx-xxxx-xxxx.

Include London’s area code, “20,” if you are calling a landline.

Landlines in the UK have an area code that has to be input in order for your call to go through. Area codes do not apply to cellphones in the UK.

  • For a list of the rest of the United Kingdom’s area codes, visit
  • Your call to a landline in London will go as follows: 011-44-20-xxxx-xxxx.

Leave off the area code completely if you are calling a cellphone.

Cellphone numbers in London are 10 digits long and include the code for the cellphone provider, so there is no need to include an area code as well.

  • Your call to a cellphone will go as follows: 011-44-xxxxx-xxxxx.

Enter the local phone number, leaving off the “0” at the beginning.

If you are calling a landline, the rest of the phone number will consist of 8 digits. If you are calling a cellphone, the number will be 10 digits long. Always leave off the trunk code, “0,” when placing your call to London.

  • For example, a completed call to a cellphone in London will look like this: 011-44-12345-67891.
  • A completed call to a landline in London goes as follows: 011-44-20-1234-5678.

Exploring Alternatives

Buy a calling card if your phone plan doesn’t include international calls.

Visit your local convenience store or shop online to find an international calling card. Depending on your cellphone or landline service, it may be much less expensive to use a calling card.

  • Read reviews and stick with big name companies, and make sure to check the fine print of any calling card you buy. Some companies round up your minutes used in large increments, while others may have connecting fees or service fees in addition to the per-minute charges.

Download smartphone apps to make video and voice calls to London.

WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, Viber, Google Voice and Rebtel all have apps specifically for international communication, and a lot of times, the service is free.

  • The person you’re calling needs to have the same app on their phone.
  • A lot of these apps also allow you to text internationally for free, too.

Use your computer to place calls if you don’t have a phone.

Use Facebook Messenger, Skype, or Google Hangout from your laptop or tablet to place free international calls without using a phone.

  • Make sure you’re connected to WiFi and that the person you are calling has access to the same program.

Use social media apps to communicate for free.

Apps like Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, and Twitter have messaging functions that let you send texts and videos to other users of the app for free. While texting is not the same as an actual voice or video call, it does allow you to send a quick message and stay in touch.

  • If you aren’t connected to WiFi, pay attention to your data usage from month to month to prevent overage charges.


  • Before placing a call to London, check your phone plan’s international calling rates. Many plans automatically include international coverage, but some companies also have per-minute fees that can quickly add up.
  • When using apps to place phone calls, be aware of your data usage if you aren’t hooked up to WiFi. Overage charges can accumulate quickly!

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