How to Attach Phone Charms

Want to add some extra pizazz to your phone? Phone charms and wrist straps are trendy gadgets that are super cute and practical. In this article, we’ll take you through the motions of attaching a phone charm to just about any case and even explain how to make a simple phone charm yourself. Read on to get started!

Attaching Phone Charms to a Phone Case with a Hole

Take your phone out of its case.

Working with an empty phone case will allow you to attach the charm correctly and ensure that your phone doesn’t get damaged in the process. So, pop your phone out and set it aside.

Locate the mute button hole on the phone case.

This hole is usually above the volume buttons on the phone’s left edge.

  • If your phone case doesn’t have a mute button hole, no worries! See if there are any other holes in the case you’d be able to attach a charm to, such as the audio jack or charging port.

Slide the looped end of the phone charm through the mute button hole.

Hold the phone case in one hand while grasping the charm in the other. Pull the looped string at the end of the charm through the mute button’s hole until the string is on the other side.

  • The beads or charm should not go through the hole.

Tie a knot using the phone charm’s loop.

Use the hand holding the case to open the charm’s string loop. Gather the charm or beads with your other hand and weave them through the loop. This will create a simple knot, tying your phone charm or strap to the case.

Pop the phone back into the case.

And that’s it! Your phone should slide into the case with ease. Now, all that’s left to do is show off your beautiful charm.

Modifying a Phone Case without a Hole

Decide where you want the phone charm to be.

Some people prefer the charm to dangle from the top of their phone, while others like the charm hanging from the bottom. Remove your phone from the case, and mark on the case where you’d like the charm to go with a fine-tip permanent marker.

Pierce two holes in a soft or hard plastic case with a needle.

Heat the sharp end of a sewing needle over an open flame. The flame can be from a candle or lighter. Hold the needle over the flame for a few seconds, and then quickly press it onto the mark you put on the case. Apply gentle pressure to create the first hole, and move onto the second.

  • The process of heating and pushing the needle through may take a few times, depending on the thickness of your case.
  • Place the two holes about a centimeter apart. They’ll be close but not touching.

Use a 5/64 drill bit to drill a hole into a plastic case.

Set a piece of cardboard on the inside backing of the phone case. Position the drill on the mark you previously made and drill at a 45-degree angle.

  • This method is riskier as the drill could scratch the case if you don’t have a steady hand, but is known to work on sturdier cases like those from OtterBox.

Slide the phone charm’s string through the hole(s) you’ve created.

Thread the loop of the phone charm through the hole. If the loop doesn’t fit, no worries! Attach the loop to a string and needle and pull the needle through the hole.

  • If you made two holes, slide the charm’s loop through both holes.

Secure the phone charm to the case with a simple knot.

Thread the charms or beads through the loop, and voila! You attached a phone charm to a case without a hole.

Attaching Phone Charms to the Phone’s Audio Jack

Locate the audio jack on your phone.

The audio jack is where you plug in your headphones and can be found on the bottom or top edge of your phone, depending on the model.

  • Newer phones don’t have audio jacks, so this method works best on older models or Android devices.

Insert a premade phone jack charm.

There are hundreds of already made audio jack charms on the market. Simply pop the charm’s base into the audio jack.

  • Go for a charm that’s your favorite color, animal, or sport.

Pop in a phone jack charm holder.

If you want to attach a dangling charm or bracelet to your phone, insert an audio jack plug with a lobster claw or ring. These will let you connect any charm seamlessly, and all you do is tie the charm to the end of the plug.

Making Phone Charms

Determine how long you want your phone charm to be.

Are you planning on making a phone charm strap to wear on your wrist? Do you want a long or short charm? Now’s your time to decide! Use a ruler to measure the desired length of your charm to find how long your pattern of beads needs to be.

  • If you’re making a phone charm strap, use a cloth measuring tape to measure around your wrist.
  • Think of this like starting a charm bracelet.

Line up your beads and charms.

The great thing about making your own phone charm is customizing it! Layout a pattern of your desired length to visualize what the final product will look like.

  • For example, if you want your charm to be 5 inches (13 cm) long, layout a row of beads that’s 5 inches (13 cm).
  • Try using all different types of beads for a funky, colorful look everyone will be dazzled by.
  • Consider a simple color pattern that matches your phone case for a more sophisticated look.

Thread a stretchy string or elastic cord through the beads.

Start with the bead at the top of your pattern, as this will be the top of your charm. Follow your pattern until all the beads are on the string.

  • Use a transparent string to emphasize the color of your beads or go for a colored cord for even more fun.
  • Keep the string on the roll while you thread the beads. This way, you’re sure to have plenty of string to finish your design.

Fold and tie the ends of the beaded string together for a phone charm strap.

Cut the string from the roll, leaving about 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) of excess string, and secure the beads with a double knot. With the excess string, make another double knot to create a smaller loop about 1 inch (2.5 cm) long.

  • The first double knot creates the bracelet-like portion of the phone charm.
  • The second double knot forms the loop to connect the phone charm to the phone.
  • If making two double knots is tricky, use a keychain lariat by attaching the lobster claw end to the first double knot.

Rethread the string through the beads for a single-stringed charm.

Bring the end of the string through the bead you last threaded, repeating the rethreading process until you reach the top of the pattern. Cut the string from the roll once you’re done—you’ll be left with two ends of string sticking out of the top bead.

  • Leave roughly 2 inches (5.1 cm) of excess string.

Fasten a jump ring and lariat to the charm for a single-stringed phone charm.

Secure the beads in place by tying a surgeon’s knot. Cut the excess string away from the knot and slip an open jump ring through it. Attach the lariat to the jump ring, and close the jump ring with a pliers.

  • To make a surgeon’s knot, make an overhand knot, passing the right cord over the left and under. Then, pass the left cord over the right and wrap it under twice.

Attach the phone charm to your phone case.

Congratulations! You’ve made your very own super cool and trendy phone charm. Now, don’t be afraid to show off your hard work.

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