How to Analyse Data Using SPSS

SPSS (The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) software has been developed by IBM and it is widely used to analyse data and make predictions based on specific collections of data. SPSS is easy to learn and enables teachers as well as students to easily derive results with the help of a few commands. The implications of the results are fairly evident and are statistically valid. Using the software, one can conduct a series of studies quickly and effectively. If you are worried about conducting your data analysis on SPSS, here are a few guidelines and an overview of the process.


Load your excel file with all the data.

Once you have collected all the data, keep the excel file ready with all data inserted using the right tabular forms.

Import the data into SPSS.

You need to import your raw data into SPSS through your excel file. Once you import the data, the SPSS will analyse it.

Give specific SPSS commands.

Based on what you want to examine, you can give desired commands as per the requisitions in the SPSS software. Each tool has guidelines on how it should be used and you can feed in all the options to get the most accurate results. Giving commands in SPSS is simple and easy to comprehend, making it an easy task for students to do this by themselves.

Retrieve the results.

The results from the software are given efficiently and accurately, providing researchers a better idea of appropriate future studies and a direction for moving forward.

Analyse the graphs and charts.

Understanding the results can be a little difficult. but you can get help from professors and peers with the analysis. You can also consult a professional company which is expert in SPSS.

Postulate conclusions based on your analysis.

The ultimate objective of the SPSS is to help arrive at conclusions based on specific research. The software helps you to derive conclusions and predict the future easily with minimum statistical deviation.


  • No study can be incomplete without the right research and therefore, SPSS plays a vital role in the life of a researcher.

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