How deep is the shoe cabinet?

The depth of the shoe cabinet is generally between 38-40cm, which can not only be put into shoes, but also directly put into the shoe box. The depth is controlled in this range, which is also relatively beautiful visually, and does not highlight the laminate, which is too abrupt. Before designing or purchasing a shoe cabinet, you can first measure the size of the shoes of the male owner in the family, and select the appropriate shoe cabinet according to the size of the shoes of the family members. If some items such as umbrellas and vacuum cleaners need to be placed in the shoe cabinet, the depth can be appropriately extended.

shoe cabinet

Introduction to the regular size of shoe cabinet

  • Small shoe cabinet

The size of small shoe cabinet is generally about 602 * 318 * 456mm; If it is a single shoe cabinet, it will be smaller, with the size of about 598 * 516 * 457mm.

This kind of small shoe cabinet is exquisite and mainly suitable for small household. The permanent population is small, and the number of shoes to be stored is not large.

  • Large shoe cabinet

The size of the large shoe cabinet in the furniture factory is generally 1347 * 318 * 1032mm, and the size of the slightly wider large shoe cabinet is about 1240 * 330 * 1050mm.

This is more suitable for large families with more family members. This size of shoe cabinet is enough for a family.

  • Double-door shoe cabinet

The common size of the double-door shoe cabinet is usually 907 * 318 * 1021mm, and the slightly larger size is 947 * 318 * 1032mm.

The storage capacity of this shoe cabinet is larger than the price, and it is suitable for families of three.

If there are many shoes in the home or you have a hobby of collecting, you can directly customize the shoe cabinet or ask the carpenter to make the shoe cabinet on site, and the size can be selected by yourself.

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