Folding door size

The size of the folding door varies with the environment. In the current interior decoration design, the conventional folding door size is 450-600mm in width and 1900-2400mm in height. Dimensional requirements for indoor folding door: when the width of large single leaf is less than or equal to 1000mm, the leaf height is less than or equal to 2400mm; When the height of large single leaf is less than or equal to 3500mm, the leaf width is less than or equal to 750mm.

Folding door

How to install folding wooden door?

Push the whole folding door into the entrance hole, set the front and rear positions, fold the door leaf between the door frame, and screw some support screws onto the upper wall and side wall of the door frame.

Align the impact drill with the left and right door frames. At the corresponding hole position, make a hole with a diameter of 5mm and a depth of about 10mm on the inner wall of the door hole, then loosen the support screw and remove the folding door from the door.

Align the 7mm diameter impact drill with the hole with the inner diameter of the door hole of 5mm, with the diameter of 7mm and the hole depth of about 40mm. Then, six rubber sleeves are driven into the above holes.

Push the folding door into the hole as a whole, find the center of the rubber hole, screw the self-changing screw into the above-mentioned rubber sleeve hole with a screwdriver, and tighten the door frame.

Open the door leaf of the folding door between the door frames, unscrew the lifting wheel screw above the folding door, insert the card plate into the shaft below the folding door, and tighten the screw to use.

Benefits of folding doors

  • Small footprint

The folding door can be fully opened when it is in use, which is very convenient. It can also be fully folded when it is not in use, which will not take up too much space.

  • Beautiful and generous

Now many folding doors are made of new materials, which are also beautiful and fashionable.

  • Durable and firm

The folding door adopts the lower rail design, which can prevent the wind, dust, garbage and rain from leaking into the room. In addition, the back embedded stainless steel core aluminum hinge is also used, which is durable and reliable, and convenient for disassembly and assembly.

  • Fire insulation

If a folding door is installed in the kitchen, it can play the role of fire prevention and heat insulation. It is safer and more comfortable to use in the kitchen.

  • Obvious sealing effect

If a folding door is installed in the kitchen, the smoke can be blocked. The folding door is well sealed. The smoke and water vapor discharged from cooking food are blocked by the folding door.

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