Find Out Who Views Your TikTok by Enabling Profile View History

Want to see who's been checking out your TikTok profile? You're definitely not alone! Thanks to TikTok's new profile view history feature, it's now incredibly easy to pull up a list of everyone who has looked at your profile over the last 30 days. But before the views start rolling in, you'll need to make a quick change in your TikTok settings. This minHour article will teach you the easiest way to turn on profile view history on TikTok on your Android, iPhone, or iPad so you can see who viewed your TikTok profile.


Open your TikTok profile.

You can get there by tapping the icon (the outline of a person) at the bottom-right corner of the TikTok mobile app.

  • You must be at least 16 years old and have less than 5000 followers to see who viewed your profile.
  • Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see who has viewed your individual TikTok videos—just visits to your profile.

Tap the eye icon.

You’ll see it near the top-right corner of your profile. If you’ve already turned on Profile View History, you’ll see all of your profile views right here. If not, you’ll see the option to turn on Profile View History now.

  • Your list of profile views is completely private—nobody else can see who looked at your profile.

Tap Turn on to enable profile view history.

Once you’ve turned this feature on, you can just tap the eye on your profile at any time to see who viewed your Tiktok profile over the last 30 days.

  • The profile view history feature works both ways. Turning on this feature also allows other people (who’ve turned on the feature) to see when you visit their profiles.
  • Nobody can tell you’ve turned on this feature just by looking at your profile. Although if someone checks their own profile view history and sees that you’ve viewed their profile, they’ll know you’re using the feature just like them.


  • You can see who viewed your profile even if your TikTok is private.
  • If you’d rather stay anonymous, disable profile view history. Of course, this will mean you won’t get to see who visits your profile anymore. To turn it off, just tap the eye at the top-right corner, tap the gear icon, then tap the “Profile view history” switch.
  • Although there’s no way to see who has viewed your TikTok videos if they don’t visit your profile, you can keep track of your analytics to see view counts, popularity trends, and more. Open your profile and tap the three-line menu at the top-right, select Creator tools, then tap Analytics.

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