Easy Ways to Turn off Speakerphone for iPhone, Android, and Landline Phones

"Take me off speakerphone!" What do you do? Using speakerphone on your home, office, or mobile phone can be extremely convenient at times, but it is essential to know how to turn it off without disconnecting the call. Or how to turn this off in iPhones where it can be set as the default speaker. This minHour article walks you through the process of turning off speakerphones on iPhones, Androids, and landline phones.

Turning off Speakerphone During a Call

Tap the round, highlighted “Speaker” button on your screen.

If you’re using either Android or iPhone, this button has a picture of a speaker and says “Speaker” beneath it and will appear every time you’re making or receiving a call.

  • If you don’t see this button on iPhone or Android, you aren’t actively in a phone call and have the phone app open.
  • If you’re using a landline, like a Cisco phone, push the button on the phone that has a speaker icon. This will enable speakerphone and you can hang up the receiver. To turn the speakerphone off, simply pick up the receiver and press the speaker button again.
  • If you find that your iPhone always answers on speakerphone, you may want to use the following method to turn off the default speakerphone option.

Turning Off the Default Speaker Option for iPhone

Open Settings.

Tap the app icon that looks like a pair of gears.

Tap Accessibility.

It’s next to a blue icon in the third grouping of menu items under “General” and “Control Center.”

Tap Touch.

You’ll find this under the “Physical and Motor” header next to a blue icon with a white pointing hand.

Tap Call Audio Routing.

It’s near the bottom of the window. If this already says “Automatic,” then the active speaker will be chosen automatically if you’re receiving a phone call or a FaceTime call.

Select Automatic.

You can set this to “Bluetooth Headset” or “Speaker” to always have the call routed through those speakers instead of the headset speaker.

  • For iOS 12 or earlier, these steps will be slightly different. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Call Audio Routing > Automatic instead.


  • If you’re part of a video FaceTime call and want to switch the audio from your speakerphone, tap the speaker button.

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