Does the curtain contain formaldehyde?

The curtain contains formaldehyde. Because the curtains made of cotton, hemp and other materials are easy to wrinkle and shrink after washing, many businesses will choose to add adhesives to the curtains when making them, and the adhesives contain a lot of formaldehyde. Secondly, when the curtain comes to the stage of printing and dyeing, various dyes will be added, which also contain formaldehyde. For newly purchased curtains, they should be cleaned and ventilated first, and then used after the formaldehyde concentration drops to a safe value.


Why does the curtain smell of formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is actually a colorless and tasteless substance. Why do people smell formaldehyde? It is actually a pungent feeling. And why does the curtain have formaldehyde? It is actually related to people’s requirements for wrinkle resistance and firmness of the curtain. As people’s requirements for curtain cloth increase, businesses will improve the hand feel and physical performance of the curtain by dipping and rolling the stiffening agent slurry on the curtain cloth! The quality of these pastes is closely related to the content of formaldehyde in the curtains! The curtain production process of big brands is advanced, the paste raw materials are environmentally friendly, and the formaldehyde content is relatively low.

How to remove formaldehyde from curtains?

The simple way to remove formaldehyde from the curtain is to wash it with water before hanging it, because formaldehyde is soluble in water, and then it is dried by wind, and the formaldehyde is basically volatilized. After the curtain is bought home, it can be soaked in water and washed before reuse, which can effectively reduce formaldehyde residues.

Now there is a kind of optical drive media that has good formaldehyde removal effect. This method can not only remove the formaldehyde on the curtains, but also remove the formaldehyde content in other products. It is a good helper for people to remove formaldehyde indoors.

If there are many windows in the room, in order to reduce the pollution of curtains, it is recommended to hang curtains of different materials, such as blinds, roller blinds, etc. But if you want to clean up the formaldehyde pollution on the curtains, you should take some measures and try to find a professional formaldehyde removal company to remove formaldehyde.

How to maintain the curtains?

The maintenance of the curtain can use a clean damp cloth to remove the dust on the curtain every two weeks. Especially for families with children or pets, it should be thoroughly cleaned every six months. Curtains can be washed directly in the washing machine or dry cleaned. After washing, they can be put in a sunny place to dry and then used, or they can be hung directly. It is not only convenient for drying, but also a free air “humidifier”. But do not put the curtain in the washing machine for dehydration or drying, which may cause deformation of the curtain. If you have respiratory diseases or other infectious diseases at home, you’d better disinfect the curtains before cleaning them.

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