Can You Hide Your Snapscore? 2 Options to Keep Score Private

Would you rather certain people not see your Snap score? Because your Snapchat score is listed on your profile, you can't hide it from your friends. But don't worry – you can hide your Snapchat score from people you're not friends with limiting who can see your profile. This minHour guide will show you how to control who can see your Snapchat score on your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Change Your Privacy Settings

Tap the profile button.

It’s the picture of your avatar in the top left of the Chat, Camera, or Stories pages. This method will set your privacy options to limit the number of people who view your profile.

  • There isn’t a setting to hide your Snapscore from your profile, but users who aren’t your friend won’t be able to see it.
  • Snapchat scores are calculated by combining Snaps sent and received, Stories posted, and other factors.
  • If you’re trying to improve your score, check out our guide on how to increase Snapscores fast.

Tap the settings button.

It’s the gear icon in the top right of the profile page.

Scroll to “Privacy Controls”.

Change the privacy settings.

The following settings will limit the amount of people who view your profile. There is not currently a setting to hide a Snapscore. This is also a great way to stay safe on Snapchat.

  • Set See My Location to Only Me.
  • Set View My Story to My Friends.
  • Switch off Show me in Quick Add.

Remove a Friend

Tap the Chat page button.

It’s the message box icon in the bottom left of the app. This will take you to the Chat page, where you’ll be able to remove a friend. Removing a friend will prevent them from seeing your Snapchat score.

  • Note that this won’t completely hide your profile from them, but it will limit how often they see it.

Press and hold the friend’s name.

This will open an options menu.

Tap Manage Friendship.

Tap Remove Friend.

This will remove the friend from your friend’s list, and will remove you from theirs.


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