How to Update Your Graphics Driver

Updating your graphics driver can help resolve existing software problems and enhance your experience as a user. In most cases, you can update your graphics driver via routine automatic or manual software updates.

Updating Graphics Drivers Automatically in Windows

Click on the “Start” button.

Type “update” into the search box and select “Windows Update” from the available options.

The Control Panel will open.

Click on “Check for updates” in the left pane of the Control Panel.

A list of available updates will display on-screen.

Review the list of updates to find updates for hardware devices, including your graphics card.

Place a checkmark next to the graphics driver that needs updating, then click on “OK.

Click on “Install updates.

Windows will update your graphics driver.

Updating Graphics Drivers Manually in Windows

Click on the “Start” button and select “Control Panel.

Click on “System and Security,” then click on “Device Manager.

Review the list of hardware categories to find the name of your graphics card.

Double-click on the name of your graphics card.

Click on the “Driver” tab, then click on “Update Driver.

  • If Windows can’t find a new driver, you can also try going to the graphics card’s manufacturer website and check for the most up to date driver available for your card.

Follow the on-screen prompts to update your graphics driver manually.

Updating Graphics Drivers on Mac OS X

Click on the Apple menu and select “App Store.

  • If using an earlier version of Mac OS X, select “Software Update.”

Click on “Updates” at the top of the App Store window.

A list of all available updates will display on-screen.

Click on “Update All,” or click on “Update” to the right of “Software Update.

Your computer will update your graphics driver as needed.


  • If you installed a third-party graphics card, visit the website of the manufacturer to download and install updated drivers for the hardware. After downloading the correct drivers, follow the installation instructions on the website to successfully update your graphics card.

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