How to Stop a Mac’s Screen From Dimming when Not Plugged in

This minHour teaches you how to keep your Macbook screen from dimming when you unplug it from a power source.


Open the Apple Menu.

It appears as an on top-left corner of your screen.

Click System Preferences.

  • If you don’t see the System Preferences main menu, click Show All or the button that looks like three rows of small dots near the top of the window.

Click Energy Saver.

Look for the light bulb on the second row.

Click Battery.

Uncheck Slightly dim the display while on battery power.

Your Macbook will no longer automatically dim the screen when you unplug it from your power adapter.


  • You can keep track of your battery life by checking ‘Show battery status in menu bar’ in the Energy Saver menu. An icon will appear to the left of the date and time displaying your remaining battery life.
  • If you don’t want your Macbook to automatically adjust brightness, click Display from the System Preferences menu then click the checkbox under the brightness slider.

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