How to Force a Program to Close (Windows)

This minHour teaches you how to force an unresponsive program to close in Windows. You'll use Task Manager to do this.


Open the Task Manager

Right-click an empty taskbar space and choose Task Manager or Start Task Manager.

  • You can also press simultaneously..

Click the Processes tab.

It’s located near the upper-left corner of the Task Manager window.

Select the unresponsive application from the list.

Click the unresponsive application name. In Windows 10 and 8, this will be under the “Apps” header.

Click End task.

It’s in the bottom-right corner of the Task Manager window. This will terminate the unresponsive application within a few seconds.

  • If the task will not end, right-click on the app name. Choose (or for older Windows versions). Then, end the task for the process.

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